Today our day stretched ahead without agenda. A quick weather forecast check showed sun, all day. We decided, Wonder Girl and I, to ignore the to do list and prepare a picnic. A slow picnic. We made our own focaccia, for the first time, proving it in the sun of our new south facing garden, and adding rosemary and lots of oil before baking. Chuck in boiled eggs, humous, salad and some cheeky chocolate bars and we had a perfect picnic. We also had wonderful company in the form of my fabulous grown up nephew who has been spending lots of time with the Purple family lately.


In my new, grown up, not rented home we have a gate at the end of our garden which begins a short walk to a ‘grade II historic park and garden’. It’s literally ten mins at three year old walking speed to a field with the most amazing view, perfect for picnicking.




We had full tummies, and the contentedness that comes from good company, the sun on your skin and a few hours to relax. Then Wonder Girl and her cousin spent ages climbing a nearby wall, and finding a comfy place to sit on it. She declared herself the queen and charmed passing joggers and dog walkers with a regal smile.



While Wonder Girl and her cousin climbed the wall, and then moved onto rolling down the grassy hill, I enjoyed not having to move. I lay on my blanket, I cloud gazed and, as you can see, I played with my camera. The view from my blanket;