Last week I was invited to visit a new Next Home & Garden shop which opened at Cribbs Causeway recently. Since we’ve recently moved into a new home it’s useful to know that we can go and browse Next home and garden range so close to home. We were also treated to a talk from sleep expert Sammy Margo on how to achieve a good nights sleep, which was held, appropriately, in the bed section.


During Sammy’s talk I was also attempting to prevent Wonder Girl from bouncing on all the beds/running away/otherwise causing havoc. So I wasn’t able to pay as much attention as I would have liked. The key points I picked up were.

  • Ensure you’re not using a broken pillow – to test for brokenness you fold the pillow in half and place a trainer on top, if it doesn’t spring back and throw off the trainer it’s broken and needs replacing.
  • Choose calming colours for your bedroom.
  • Good sleepy snacks are oats and bananas.
  • Choose the right weight of duvet for your comfort, even if this means sleeping partners each having their own duvet.

So even though I missed a few points I did take some useful information away from the talk.  Next Wonder Girl and I spent some time thoroughly exploring the shop. Upstairs is beds, bedroom accessories and also bathroom. Downstairs I found kitchen, lounge, dining room , garden and furniture.



I was given a voucher to spend so Wonder Girl and I spent ages thoroughly looking before deciding on this pretty patchwork duvet set for her new bedroom.  She is very pleased with it.