sleeping beauty


Good news for Disney fans old and young. Disney Sleeping Beauty is being re-released on DVD/Blu-ray and for download on June 2nd. To celebrate this I’ve got a free downloadable Sleeping Beauty spot the difference for you at the end of this blog.

Sleeping Beauty was originally released in 1959. It’s the story of Princess Aurora, cursed by an evil fairy who ends up saved from the full weight of the curse by her fairy Godmothers. Instead she falls into a magical sleep from which she can only be woken by a true love’s kiss. It’s classic Disney with singing to animals, a handsome prince, an evil fairy, a dragon and comedy fairies.

I was given a copy to watch with my family and we loved it. I wasn’t sure what the children would make of the old fashioned animation and slower paced story but I needn’t have been worried as all three were transfixed. It’s a great film for all the generations.

You can preorder your copy from Amazon here.

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