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We’re looking forward to a fabulous summer this year. We’re going to Camp Bestival (little bit excited so prepare for more gushing about this in the coming months). As well as this we’ve been invited to visit a Eurocamp site, near Paris no less, and despite telling Super Kid that we’re all swimming there we will in fact be taking our first family trip on  a ferry. We’ll also be going to my beloved Granny’s 90th birthday party where we’ll be dancing to the oldies and spending some time with our extended family.  All this plus plenty of day trips, time at home and fun with friends means that we all need a versatile British summer wardrobe. So I had a look at country clothing brand Joules for some inspiration for my family summer style ideas.

Untitled design

As you can see I’ve picked out some wellies, British summertime being fairly changeable means that we’ll need them at some point. I loved the shark wellies for Robo Boy, and the shorties are perfect for me to slip on with whatever I’m wearing.  I’ve added some dresses so that Wonder Girl and I can sport the festival dress/welly combo, after all if it’s good enough for Kate Moss it’s good enough for us.

The boys will spend the summer in shorts and t-shirts and I love the pictures on the ones I picked for them. Not wanting to leave out Mr Purple I picked out some cargo shorts, ever the practical man I know he’ll find these comfy and useful for carrying his pen knife (why yes I am in fact married to a giant boy scout).  I had to add the yellow raincoat. I make sure we all have good quality waterproof coats for the summer, so that we can all still get outside even if it rains, and I love the classic design of this one.

So those are my family summer style ideas. I’m really looking forward to our summer this year, hope you have a fun one planned too.