easy pillowcase dress

This is a tutorial to make a super easy pillowcase dress. What qualifies me to tell you that this is easy is that it’s the first dress I’ve ever made. I previously believed I wasn’t capable of crafts in general and definitely using a sewing machine. Though you could make this by hand if you didn’t mind it taking longer.

So, basically if I can make this then so can you. Firstly measure your child from shoulder to where you want the dress to finish on their legs, you can make it a tunic if you prefer. Then measure around their widest point. If, like me, you have an extremely wriggly, uncooperative child you can, alternatively, measure a dress they already own that fits well.

Then add about four inches to the length and five to the width. Then you know how much fabric to buy.

Lay the fabric out completely flat. and measure a rectangle using the width and length measurements you have. Then with the fabric the wrong side up sew one side (lengthwise) together so you have a tube.

easy pillowcase dress

Next hem the bottom of the dress. In case like me you don’t know what this involves you fold the fabric over and then over again, and pin and sew.

I then put the tube on my daughter, and leaving enough fabric (about four inches) above to make a large hem/neck I worked out where I wanted the arm holes to be and marked with a pencil. Then fold the tube in half, draw a curve going about two inches in. You can see the curve I cut on the picture above. Then cut the armhole, you will be cutting through four layers of fabric and your armholes will match.

You should then be left with enough fabric to make a hem that is big enough to hold the ribbon, put the ribbon inside before sewing the hem together below it. I also sewed the middle of the ribbon after I’d hemmed it in, so that it doesn’t come out, or move around too much. Repeat this on the other side of the fabric.

The dress is finished. To wear it you tie the ribbons together on each shoulder. I think Wonder Girl looks very cute in hers, and she loves it. I hope you’ll enjoy making it, and agree that this is an easy pillowcase dress.