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safety tips

Wonder Girl loves playing doctor, she gives us all regular check ups. I’m happy that she’s the only doctor we all see regularly and that luckily (touches wood) household accidents aren’t something we’ve had to deal with. It’s child safety week next week, running from the 23-29th of June. So Betta Living are running a campaign to promote child safety awareness in the home. In association with them I bring you five parent’s home safety tips.

1. Keep poisonous substances out of children’s reach. Medicines, household cleaning liquids, anything which if ingested or touched could cause harm to a child. I would also recommend using child safety catches on the cupboard you keep them in for extra security.

2. Take care of your stairs. Don’t leave anything that can be tripped over. Stairs should be well lit and well maintained. Remove and repair damaged carpet.

3. Bath time. Run cold water before hot when running a bath. Check the temperature with your elbow before putting your child in, it should feel warm not hot. Never leave a baby or young child unsupervised, even for a second, in a bath.

4. Fire. Install smoke detectors on every level of your house. Make sure your children are familiar with the sound of the alarm. Have a fire plan and discuss it with the children, so they know what to do.

5. Teach your children to call 999, and make sure they know their address so they can tell them where to come. That way if you get into trouble they will know what to do.

Those where five parent’s home safety tips. For more information about child safety week, including an info graphic, hazard awareness test and a range of blog posts visit Betta Living’s blog here.