britmums live 2014

A train journey with three wonderful women (Gemma, Kath and Jane) was a brilliant start to a two day break from the routine. From the packed lunch making, argument mediating, schedule adhering, bath running, story reading, play dough playing, routine. I didn’t know how much I needed that break until I was in a room with hundreds of other inspiring women listening to someone talk, without being interrupted. Thinking full thoughts in my head without being dragged back to reality by bottom wiping requests. Britmums Live 2014 was just what I needed. I must publicly thank Mr Purple for being Mum and Dad and doing it with grace for me to make this time possible.

So the highlights. The blog styling talk by Lucy of Capture by Lucy. Firstly she styled the room, inspiring with her passion for perfection. Then she gave some clear, well thought out advice on blog design. The most useful of which for me was to not be afraid of white space, to have a contact email on your home page (not just tucked away on a contact me page), and to include a picture of myself on the home page.

The competitions talk by Di Coke of Superlucky. Again useful, useable advice on running give-aways from who to work with, what to include in T & C’s and an alternative to Rafflecopter called Gleam which I’ve signed up for and will be using for my next give-away. I won’t repeat the advice given as I know she’s putting it all up somewhere on the inter web for everyone to access.

I enjoyed queuing without knowing why with the wonderful Working Mum Blog (whose actual name has rather embarrassingly escaped me). Turns out that chatting about blogging, babies and self promotion with her was much better than the name on a Coke bottle that it turned out we were queuing for (and lets not mention the embarrassingly bad attempt at keepy uppy from a certain former juggler).

I missed The Bibs in favour of room service, and Dr Who with the aforementioned and altogether marvellous Kath of Dreaming of a Craft Room. We had both booked into The Montcalm, and what a hotel to relax in.  Comfy, large beds, sumptuous soft bedding. A room which felt downright posh, and a telephone in the bathroom! Yes I could have had a convo whilst completely my oblutions. Everything about The Montcalm made me feel spoiled. The gentleman in top hat and suit who showed me to my room. The bed turn down service with tiny tin of mints. It was all perfect. In fact as I lay in my bed enrobed, and propped up on a mountain of pillows, eating my room service breakfast, I felt like a queen. Definitely an experience to repeat.

the montcalm

I really enjoyed Brit Mums Live 2014. Thanks to Jen and Suzanne for organising and executing a great conference for us.