Super Kid and Robo Boy love Minecraft, so I decided to make my next sewing project making a Minecraft pig. When I gave the pig to Super Kid he was amazed and thrilled with his toy. He took it into school the next day and his classmates echoed his reaction so if you have a little Minecraft fan then this is sure to be a hit.

Minecraft pig tutorial:

You will need:

  • One metre of pink fleece
  • Very small amount of black and white felt to make eyes and snout
  • One bag of toy stuffing
  • Pink or white cotton
  • Paper for template making
  • Sewing machine


You will need to make five templates. Choose the sizes based on how big you would like the pig to be. One square for the cube that will make up the head, this is the largest one, so decide what size you want the body to be and scale the other templates from that. One square for the body. One square for the legs. One rectangle and a square for the snout

Draw round the template and cut six squares for the head. Then five squares for the body. Twenty squares for the legs, five for each leg. Finally three rectangles and two squares for the snout. Sew black squares on one of the snout rectangles, as in the picture above.

Make the eyes, as in the picture above and sew onto one of the head squares. Then sew on the snout, leaving a gap to stuff. Once stuffed close the gap.

All of the cubes will be sewn inside out (in the case of the head which is a complete cube, leaving a small gap to turn right way round)

Sew the body squares into an open ended cube, finally sewing the open ended part onto one of the head squares, halfway down so the bottom of the body cube is aligned with the bottom of the head square. Leave a small gap for stuffing the body.

Then sew the head squares,  into a cube. I did this by sewing four squares in a row and two either side of the second in the row, effectively making a cross shape. Then I sewed sides together to make a cube. Leave a small gap for turning right way round and stuffing. Turn the cube right way round, stuff the head and body and hand stitch the gaps.

Next make the leg cubes x 4. Hand sew two onto the head cube, and two onto the body, as in the picture above. Leave a small gap each time, stuff then close the gap.

Your pig is finished. I hope this tutorial has been useful and that your Minecraft fan enjoys their toy.