how to pimp your festival wagon


The excitement level in the Purple household is reaching fever pitch because Camp Bestival is only one sleep away! Tomorrow morning we’ll be loading the car and heading to our first ever family festival. Back in April when we were originally invited to Camp Bestival one of our friends mentioned that I might want to think about investing in a wagon. She said it would be useful for carting our kit from the car park to the camping area, and for using in the festival to carry picnics, children and anything else we might need with us out and about at the festival.

So I scoured the internet to find a wagon. In America it seems like having a wagon is pretty common but here in the UK less so, for now. I baulked at the cost of an American import, with a decent sized Radio Flyer costing over £200 so I asked Twitter to help me with my wagon hunt. Luckily my sister, Mad Mum of 7, recommended a new company Brandon Wagons who are just starting out selling a brilliant, new, affordable wagon in the UK.

I got in touch and sure enough they stock the ideal wagon, all terrain with large pneumatic tyres and capable of holding nearly 20 stone. It’s going to be perfect for pulling my lovely lot, and all our gubbins, around the (from what I hear fairly hilly) festival. I’m also hoping it’ll make a comfy space for the kids to rest when the festival gets too much for them.

Having done my research thoroughly on the topic, I realised that a plain ol out of the box wagon won’t do for the Purple family. So I’ve added a few decorative touches to make our wagon a little more personal and comfy. Below is my latest video (on my You Tube channel, don’t forget to subscribe) on how to pimp your festival wagon. Enjoy.

*Disclosure: we were sent a free wagon for the purposes of this post.