frankie & benny's

Sometimes being a blogger is awesome. Like for example, on Monday when I took Mr Purple and the kids to Frankie and Benny’s at Aspects Leisure Park Bristol for a free slap up meal so that I could write this review. The things I do for my readers, I think the look on my face in the above photo says it all.

So anyway, in the interests of giving the menu a thorough testing Mr Purple and I ate starter, main course and dessert. The children all had a main, and dessert off the children’s menu.

Frankie & Benny's

For starter I had a prawn cocktail and Mr Purple had dough balls with garlic butter and chilli mayo. The prawn cocktail was nice, and the salad underneath it was really yummy, it was tangy and a little like salsa and worked really well with the prawns. The dough balls were good too.

For main I had a veggie burger with fries, Mr Purple had fish and chips, Super Kid and Robo Boy both had pizza topped with pineapple and Wonder Girl had pasta with tomato sauce. My burger was lovely, with the relish provided, sadly the chips where a little over salty. Mr Purple said his fish was really nice, and he ate the lot. The pizza’s went down well, I think pizza is something Frankie & Benny’s do reliably well. Wonder Girl said her pasta was good too.

I love dessert at Frankie & Benny’s but can’t ever seem to order anything other than the East Coast Sundae, ice-cream with malt balls, mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce, because I love it. It was deliciously indulgent with rich chocolate sauce and yummy ice-cream, however I was a little disappointed that there were no mini marshmallows in my sundae. Mr Purple had peanut butter cheesecake, he loves both peanut butter and cheesecake so this was a hit with him. In the interests of a thorough review I tasted it, and it was really good.

Super Kid had delicious waffles and ice-cream with chocolate sauce. Robo Boy enjoyed his ice-cream sundae with chocolate sauce, which came with a little packet of white chocolate buttons. Wonder Girl had fruit salad, which was contained a fairly uninspired apple, orange and a couple of grapes but since she likes fruit she was happy enough.

We were waited on by Steve, who was brilliant with the children and helped make our experience very pleasant. Overall I think that Frankie and Benny’s is one of the better chain restaurants, the food is consistent and reasonably priced, they cater well for children and make eating out as a family easy and fun.

Frankie & Benny's