As a forestry commission ambassador I get yearly membership to Westonbirt Arboretum, I think this is one of my favourite blog perks ever. It’s such a pleasure to spend a day there, even better if I’m accompanied by two bloggy friends Gemma from Hello It’s Gemma and Kath from Dreaming of a Craft Room and their children. Time in the arboretum refreshes my mind, and spirit and leaves me, and the children, calmer and brighter.

So the gang, six children in total, wandered through the tree’s. Stopping at favourite woodland play areas along the way. The log/balance beam, over a just high enough drop. The shelter building, wooden frames with wooden panels to construct with. There are trees and shrubs at just the right height for hiding, and exploring. They all enjoy the freedom to wander a little away from the grown ups, to run, hide and shout, without the constraints of urban rules.

The children found a tree, covered in caterpillars, or some kind of lava. Thousands of them, clinging on, falling off in clumps. If anyone here can tell me what these are, and why they’re doing this I’d love to know.

westonbirt arboretum

Wonder Girl stood under the tree, hands cupped hoping for caterpillars to fall into them, then squealed with joy when she ‘caught one’ on her foot.

The day passed, as always, too fast. I took home grubby children, a sure sign that fun was had by all.