andrex clean routine

Today I’m going to talk about personal hygiene. Not a particularly popular topic, in fact according to ‘The Andrex Clean Report’ 83% of people say that cleaning their intimate area is too personal to discuss. Apparently I’m not one of them so here goes.

Andrex sent me a copy of The Clean Report. They have polled 2000 UK residents from a wide cross section of society to find out more about our nations personal hygiene habits. They have also created the Clean Routine to help educate on the best way to get the job done.

The Andrex Clean Routine:

Step 1. Use a good quality, soft toilet paper. Use 3-4 sheets per wipe until the paper is clean. To avoid chafing your intimate skin.

Step 2. Only wipe from front to back and never re-fold toilet paper. To avoid coming into contact with harmful bacteria.

Step 3. Use 1-2 sheets of moist toilet tissue, to help you get and feel even cleaner.

Step 4. Finish by patting dry with dry toilet paper. To protect your intimate area and achieve the right moisture levels.

Step 5. Always wash your hands with soap and dry thoroughly. It’s the single best way to stop the spread of disease.

Andrex challenged us to to trial the clean routine for one week. We were given a star chart to record our progress. I took part and so did all the children, I didn’t really fancy asking Mr Purple to change the way he wiped so he didn’t take part.

I have to admit I thought I was a bottom wiping pro, having been doing it for the best part of my thirty six years. However it turns out I wasn’t wiping in the correct direction. I’m red faced to admit not knowing I should wipe from front to back.  According to the clean report I’m not alone with 37% of those polled also admitting to doing it wrong. So before I’ve even added in using moist wipes (which we’ve never done before) I’ve already made a big positive change for my personal hygiene.

Then there’s the children. Super Kid manages well with wiping duties, but Robo Boy regularly leaves me with (tmi warning), delightful to deal with, skid marks in his pants. Wonder Girl, recently potty trained, still needs me to wipe her bottom but at least with the clean routine I know I’m teaching her good habits straight away.

How did we get on:

andrex clean routine

andrex clean routine

As you can see Wonder Girl was very enthusiastic about the clean routine, particularly the star chart. She loved following all the steps and was very diligent each time she went. Since using the chart she’s definitely paid more attention to making sure she’s clean, and has her hands washed when she uses the bathroom. I’ll continue to encourage her until I’m confident it’s a habit for life.

The boys where less interested in the idea, but happy to try the moist wipes for number 2 situations. I was hoping for less ‘undesirable pants’ in the wash basket, and am happy to report that this has been the case. They also always make sure they wash their hands when they’re done.

As for me, well you’ll be happy to hear I’m now wiping in the correct direction. I like using the moist wipes and they do make me feel more clean.

In conclusion I think using the clean routine has given us the chance to really focus on making sure that everyone’s getting it right in the toilet. This is great because now I know the children are doing a good job, keeping clean and that has to be good for how they feel too.

andrex clean routine


*Disclosure: I have been compensated for taking part in this challenge.