I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been invited to be an official Lottie ambassador. This year Lottie celebrates her two year anniversary. Lottie is the first ever ‘pro-girl’ doll, meaning that she was developed, using scientific expertise and consumer research, to address parental concerns over negative body image and increased perception of premature sexualisation.

Concerns which I share. Earlier this year I bought Wonder Girl a much wanted Anna from Frozen doll. She’s about the size of a barbie. Naturally the first thing WG did was to take off her clothes. What was underneath shocked me, she is permanently wearing (once you take off her skirt) a black leather like basque. She has large breasts, tiny hips, legs which go on for ever and she teams this look with black short cowboy boots. Everywhere we go with her I feel the need to apologise for her ‘trashy’ appearance. Not a body image I want my daughter to grow up in any way aspiring to, or normalising.

So I was happy to hear about Lottie and receive her for Wonder Girl to play with. I was excited to see what she would look like. WG chose the lighthouse keeper doll. Another appealing aspect to Lottie is that she doesn’t aspire to pool houses, open top pink jeeps and boyfriends like another popular doll. No, Lottie can be a pirate, do karate, be a robot girl, pony race or ballet dance.

The doll arrived in a lovely box, which can be used in play afterwards, and also looks lovely if you’re giving her as a gift. She’s 18cm tall, which is smaller than most dolls of this kind, but feels perfect for Wonder Girl and easily fits in my handbag. Her clothes are beautiful, very tasteful, age appropriate for WG and she has accessories, a handbag, and a scarf and hat.

Her body is childlike with no breasts, and she is a healthy size. Her hair is wonderful, it seems better quality than most doll hair and so far after a few weeks of play it hasn’t tangled and looks as good as new. A small issue for me is her face, she has very large eyes and a tiny mouth, and I’d love to see her have a face with more realistic proportions.

Wonder Girl loves her. She was very excited to take her out of the box and she plays with her regularly. She’s the perfect size for her little hands and I am happy to encourage her to get into Lottie dolls as I know that the brands aspirations for little girls are the same as mine. Light house keeper Lottie retails for £16.99 and is designed for children aged three to nine. For more information visit the website here.  You can also find them on Facebook here and on Twitter as @lottie_dolls.

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