I have always enjoyed celebrating Halloween. I loved dressing up, and going trick or treating as a child so when I had Super Kid I was excited to start enjoying it with him. I managed to wait until he was two before deciding to take him trick or treating. A friend suggested we take our children, I roped in another friend and we fully embraced the experience.

By this point I also had Robo Boy, as a baby, so we were three adults, three two year olds and Robo Boy on my back in his sling. My friend is a friend from the circus and loves dressing up so she brought a bag full of costumes, including some for us. I’ll never forget the sight of my other friend, usually fairly reserved, dressed in stripy tights, a black tutu and a witches hat. Super Kid dressed as a spider, the other kids opting for a witch and a parrot. I also dressed as a witch, and got out my face painting kit to complete the look.

First we played party games, bobbing for apples and pinning the tail on the dragon. We filled our tummy’s with warm pumpkin soup and headed out. A google search revealed the trick or treating code of decorating the house if you welcome visitors, so we looked for households with pumpkins outside. We weren’t disappointed, lots of my neighbours had really gone to town with their decorations, and soon the children had more sweets than any two year old should ever get their hands on, filling their buckets.

Towards the end of our street, at that time, there was a large, imposing, old house. I’d described it as the horror film house before to Mr Purple, and seeing it all lit up I definitely wanted to knock that door. Outside we found gravestones, cobwebs and a spooky wreath on the door. We knocked, and we waited. The children pressed their faces up at the door when it slowly opened, then a large scary zombie jumped out at us making a rather alarming noise. The children, alarmed, began to cry, and the zombie, looking rather sheepish, pulled off his mask. The grown up behind the prank felt terrible, having not realised how small the children were, and quickly made amends with lots of chocolate and reassurance.

We headed home, filled our tummies with lots of sweets. It was brilliant fun and we will definitely be trick or treating again this year. If you’re planning on celebrating Halloween then George at ASDA have lots of great costumes for adults and children, check the website for more details.