Monday morning, my eyes open, Monday’s to do list starts running through my mind. Life is hectic. Sometimes I wonder, why?  Why are so many of us living lives that

I’ve always enjoyed being busy/feared having nothing to do. I’d rather fill my days with go go go than have to listen to my own thoughts for too long. Now though the train feels like it has a life of it’s own. Mr Purple works 55 plus hours a week, so he’s busy. The kids have school, activities, home work, social lives, they’re busy. I’m at home facilitating it all. Making sure everyone leaves the house with everything they need. Responding to kids party, play date and social invitations and co-ordinating them with my diary. Blogging, cooking, cleaning.  I’m busy.

I don’t think we’re unusual. I think a lot of people are living their lives without really stopping to assess what they’re doing with them. Perhaps that’s for the best. Do we need distracting from the bigger picture because it’s too overwhelming?

Do we forget that we have a choice. That there are alternatives to the mainstream buy, buy, buy and go, go, go. That having spaces in your schedule can lead to unexpected, and wonderful things happening.  Spontaneous cups of tea with old friends, country walks which leave you feeling clearer. Into the spaces fit snuggles on the sofa with my children, card games, craft projects.

So personally I need to get more organised, stay on top of my responsibilities so that I can find the spaces in my schedule to do some living. I want to fear the gaps less, embrace the unexpected. Remember that this is it, not a practise run, it’s living time.