Super Lottie

As I told you in this post Wonder Girl and I are brand ambassadors for Lottie the first ever ‘pro-girl’ doll, meaning that she was developed, using scientific expertise and consumer research, to address parental concerns over negative body image and increased perception of premature sexualisation.

A few weeks ago we were pleased to receive a new outfit for Wonder Girl’s Lottie doll. The Super Lottie outfit. A first of a kind because it’s a girl super hero designed by a child. Lottie makers ran a competition as part of their campaign to prove that girls can be superheroes too. The winning design is by six year old Lilly from Ohio USA. Below is Lily with Super Lottie.



Wonder Girl was excited to dress up Lottie in her new superhero outfit. It was a little tricky to get on, I struggled so there’s no way Wonder Girl, at three, will be able to dress her without help. Once on though the outfit looks great. I particularly like the knee high gold superhero boots, Wonder Girl likes her mask and cape.

Wonder Girl straight away started flying Lottie around the room, complete with zooming noises. She really enjoys playing with Super Lottie, and it’s reassuring for me that she’s such a positive role model. It’s wonderful for Wonder Girl to grow up playing with a doll that teaches her that girls can be whatever they want to be, unrestrained by gender stereotypes.

I cannot find a price, or availability for buying the Super Lottie outfit. It launched earlier this month, and other similar sets on Lottie’s website are priced around £8.

*We were provided with a Super Lottie set as part of our working as Lottie brand ambassadors.