Today the children went back to school. I wasn’t massively keen on getting back into the routine. Now that they’re a little older I actually really enjoy the school holidays. We get up late, have lazy days, and thoroughly enjoy unstructured time together. Of course there are days when the children are tired/grumpy/overexcited/generally annoying. But it’s nothing that I can’t survive, especially if there’s a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Last week we had lots of fun. We had days at home, playing and hanging out with good friends. We visited Zaza Bazaar, the largest buffet restaurant in Bristol. They have food from China, Mexico, Italy, India, amongst others. It’s brilliant because you pay one price and then the children can try all sorts of things without it costing a fortune. I must add that I didn’t get a freebie, I just genuinely think it’s a great, reasonable place for a family meal. After the meal we went leaf catching (well to be honest I sat on a bench and watched whilst a good family friend ran around with the children). The children loved it, such a great energy burning, free activity.

We had a park day and a DVD day. On Halloween I decided to push the boat out and have a special day. I took the kids to see ‘The Book of Life’ at the cinema in the morning and we went out for lunch. Then we bought special party food for a party tea with one of their friends. Wonder Girl dressed in her pumpkin outfit all day, then changed into another costume for trick or treating, the girl loves a good outfit.



On Saturday we had another chance to dress up, as we went to a friends halloween party. Can you guess who Mr Purple is dressed as? Answers in the comments please.



I was pretty pleased with myself for his costume, especially since he won a prize in the adult fancy dress competition. I put most effort into his costume and went with predictable halloween witch for myself. I do rock the witch look though.




Sunday finished the week perfectly. With the children at their Grandma’s house I went for a wet woodland walk with some friends. Coming out from the woods into a clearing we spotted this rainbow over the gorge, a perfect end to my week.