Wonder Girl is extremely sociable, I might even say she’s a chatterbox. Whenever I go out with her she befriends complete strangers and has long involved conversations with them about life, the universe and everything. All accompanied by very enthusiastic hand gesturing. She always has something to say, and often the things she says are rather amusing.

As regular readers will know we recently bought our first house. A few weeks ago we drove past our old house and Wonder Girl recognised it. Her brother Robo Boy explained that we had rented that house. She asked what rented meant and Robo Boy explained that we had paid money each month to live in a house owned by someone else. She thought about this for a few moments and then declared;

“Pay, for my house? Pay? Not me, I don’t pay for things, I’m a lady!”

I have no idea where this concept came from. I haven’t been secretly preparing her for the debutante ball. Nor overdoing period dramas on the BBC.

Her imagination is fairly kooky also. She has an imaginary friend, nothing so strange about that. However her imaginary friend is Sashi, roofer and general builder. Now before you assume my daughter is a tom boy, interested in the building trade, think again. She’s a pink loving, fan of baby dolls and princess tiaras who has expressed absolutely no other interested in building related play. None the less Sashi is a builder and a very hard working one at that. Sashi is often away with work, fixing various problems at our friends houses across the country. Wonder Girl talks to her on her toy mobile phone, arranging lunch meet ups at Yo Sushi, in between Sashi’s building commitments.

Wonder Girl, like many children has fairly selective hearing.  Ask her to put her shoes on to leave the house and oddly she never hears first time. Mention cake and she’s by your side, declaring that she’s hungry, in seconds.  Yesterday she was able to give us an explanation for this quirk.

“I have switches in my ears, and they can turn on and off”

Well that explains everything, and will also be my new go to excuse for not listening to someone.