One of the things I love about Christmas day is the atmosphere when you go outside.  You always pass children riding new bikes, scooters,roller-skates and other wheeled contraptions. Bambi like on their new toys, their faces excited and proud. If you’re considering buying a scooter as a Christmas present I’d definitely recommend Micro Scooter, you can see the full range, as well as accessories (which make great stocking fillers) on the website. Everyone in the Purple family owns a Micro Scooter, and they are well built, reliable, easy to ride and will last for years.

Recently Micro scooter asked me if I fancied buying a blogger friend a Christmas present from their range. I instantly knew that Kath who blogs at Dreaming of a Craft Room would be the ideal person, and that her kids would love something shiny and new from Micro Scooter. Turns out I was right. Her daughter loves her Micro Sprite, in floral, she’s not a girly girl but who wouldn’t be proud riding such a pretty scooter.

Kath’s son loves his new Maxi Micro camo rucksack. It’s really cool, practical and it’s the perfect way to carry everything he needs on or off his scooter.

Micro Scooter

Micro Scooter sell scooters, and accessories for all ages, including adults, because why should the kids have all the fun. Scooters range from £79. 95 upwards.

*Disclosure: I was given a voucher to buy my amazing friend Kath this Christmas gift.