stocking filler

I often struggle finding presents for my family at Christmas. Having been married for 14 years Mr Purple and I have brought pretty much most of the things we’d like to for each other, and need some more unusual ideas. The children often ask for ‘surprises’ and it can be hard to find anything really special.

Stocking Fillers contacted me and asked if I fancied choosing something from their site to review. There is loads to choose from, kids toys, craft sets, games, and they even sell Christmas stockings for all the family. It’s really easy to stick to your budget as you can choose by price range, which I always like to be able to do.

In the end I chose a table tennis set for Mr Purple. He loves table tennis, and we have the perfect dining table to set the net up on. He loves it, in fact the day it arrived he was setting it up as soon as the table was cleared after dinner. Unfortunately he’s a much better player than me, so I think I need to get in some practise or I will be destined to lots of losing. The children all enjoyed having a go too, so it’s going to be great fun for us all over the Christmas holidays. The set costs £19.99 and you can buy it here.  The set is reasonable quality, and I’d expect it to last for years.

*Disclosure: I was provided with the table tennis set for the purposes of this review.