I know this is a little late. In the land of social media New Year was an age ago, and I should have probably moved onto some kind of fitness/crafty/wholesome January shizzle. However my blog decided to start the year by not playing nicely. It disappeared leaving me with the ‘cannot access database’ message of doom. ¬†This was becoming a common problem with my hosting so I decided to change to a new hosting company. Naturally, being the over emotional type, the move caused a fair amount of frustrated tears.I even considered either a] giving up blogging or b] throwing my laptop out of a top floor window. Mr Purple put in a fair amount of time on the phone, and typing things into his computer. Then a good friend who knows about computer trickery did a few final clicks of his magic trackpad and here I am back online and able to waffle away to my hearts content in my little corner of the universe.

So 2015, how the heck is it already 2015! Surely it was just moments ago that Will Smith was singing Will 2k and warning of the chaos that the changing millenium was sure to cause. Anyway here we are and it’s a funny old one for me, some difficult stuff bubbling away in my life right now so fresh starts aren’t really the thing. Finding happiness and stability whilst riding a changing and chaotic storm is the thing I need right now.

So having given some consideration to this need I conclude that 2015 is going to be all about the small pleasures. There are things that need to play out, and in the meantime there are things I can do to enjoy this moment right here. After all none of us know how long we’re here for and it would be a shame to miss the view just because there’s a big, black cloud hanging overhead. Here’s to wet weather fun! Who knows, perhaps whilst I’m dancing in the rain the sun will come out?

So what does dancing in the rain mean for me? It means acceptance of my imperfections, gratitude for my blessings and filling my life with the small things which make me happy. Music, baking, cuddles and laughter with my children, good friends, the beach, playing games. These are some of those small things which make my life feel like it’s worth getting up for.

So that’s my plan for 2015. There are no big grand resolutions. No life changing plans. Just plodding along, trying not to get pulled under and having as much fun as possible. I hope you’re all starting off from better places, and that 2015 brings each of you lots of happiness and fulfilment.