Is there anything more satisfying and soul soothing as a well organised underwear draw? No? Ok then, how about the joy and tranquility on having your bookshelves ordered just how you want them? Seriously? Then surely the opening of a kitchen cupboard and discovery of your chutneys and jams neat, tidy and easy to access induces euphoria every time you open it? Hmmm, then perhaps I need to get out more.

For me my mind is at it’s most peaceful and my stress levels are reduced when my household is in order. When the hoovering is done, the sink is shining and my to do lists are adequately categorised and I know what to do next, my mind is calm enough and I can smile. I don’t know why, I suspect it’s a control thing. My mind is chaotic, my self esteem often dips and I cannot predict what mood I’ll be in this afternoon, let alone tomorrow. At least if my toiletries are ordered when I perform my morning ablutions there is something predictable in my life. It helps.

I carry my house and it’s contents around with me wherever I go, mental baggage which I need with me as a public shield from the onslaught of the world. I have a place where I’m allowed to behave like the kooky, socially awkward fool that I am without fear of judgement or disapproval. My to do lists free my brain up from also carrying the myriad of jobs I mustn’t forget. Is this weird? Once I had my phone stolen, where my diary, to do lists and budgeting app live, I felt completely adrift until I realised it was all synced with my iPad and I could continue.

It’s entirely possible that this isn’t the best way to live. That I’m a neurotic worrier who needs to let go a little. But it’s my way and it’s working for me at the moment.