DSC00245This is the cake that Super Kid requested for his birthday party. A Victoria sponge with no icing, just the way he likes it. He helped me make it, a delightful hour in the kitchen together weighing, mixing and cracking eggs.

This year his birthday was a smaller affair than usual, on his request. He invited his best friends to our home to play Skylanders and enjoy a party tea chosen himself. In fact my favourite line from him at his party was when he insisted to his friends “you all must try banana and honey sandwiches, they’re amazing”.

It doesn’t take much to make my boy happy. He loves hanging out at home, doing his own thing, curling up on the sofa with a book, or playing his favourite iPad and Nintendo games. His favourite meal this year is prawns and noodles, and a real treat is a trip to the buffet restaurant to eat it. He has continued taking part in lots of different activities, ballet, football, violin, swimming and chess club, with enthusiasm (mostly) and commitment.

He has a passion for learning, coming home from school and telling me all about what he discovered that day. From old indian folk stories, to historical facts, and scientific discovery, he takes it all in and is fascinated and happy to share his knowledge.

I’m so so proud of my new eight year old. He’s interesting, fun, and when his face lights up with pleasure my heart skips a beat. He’s more than I could have even imagined when I pictured having a son. He’s so very unashamedly ‘him’, and for that I’m so proud. Super Kid Happy Birthday, Mummy loves you so very very much, here’s to a terrific eighth year.