wardrobe image

Sometimes getting dressed in the morning can feel genuinely stressful. Deciding what to wear, is decision making at a time when your brain is not fully online yet. For me the solution to this is to have an organised wardrobe. I think it comes down to having just the right amount of clothes, that mostly mix and match well together and are well organised inside the wardrobe.

So the first thing to do is decide what clothing you need. This will be a personal thing dependant on occupation and lifestyle but I’ll show you my list to give you an idea:

  • Trousers/leggings = 7 pairs
  • Shorts/summer skirts = 3 pairs
  • Long sleeved t-shirts = 7
  • Short sleeved t-shirts = 5
  • Vests = 7
  • Cardigans/jumpers/sweatshirts = 5
  • Dresses/tunics = 3
  • P.J’s = 2 winter/2 summer
  • Dressing gown
  • Gillet
  • Light weight waterproof coat
  • Winter waterproof coat
  • Scarf/hat/gloves
  • Sun hat
  • Sun glasses

Shoes = leather boots/smart shoes/Converse/sandals/Wellys/Crocs

As you can see I don’t have huge amount of clothes. I like to keep it simple. I work from home, so have no need for work clothing. This list is based on my personal clothing preferences and frequency of washing. This way I don’t spend unnecessary money on excess clothing, and I like everything in my wardrobe. Choosing what to wear is simple as I know what I’ve got and what my style is.

To create your own personal clothing needs list think about what you need, how often you wash and therefore how many of each thing you need. That way you know what you have and when something needs replacing you can go out and just buy the thing you need, without being tempted into spending more.

The next step is organising your clothes well. I have an Ikea modular wardrobe so I chose how the space is organised inside and have it just how I need it. If you don’t have that luxury then take all of your clothing out of your existing system and work out how best to use the space. Keep like together, I have my t-shirts and vests in the same draw as I’m likely going to grab one of each in the morning when I’m layering up for the winter. When your clothes are organised well and easy to see that will make choosing in the morning much easier.

I promise that if you organise your clothes this way you will spend less on clothing. You will also enjoy your clothes, and style more. Happy organising.