Today has been cold, biting, feels like ice will soon start falling from the sky cold. It has rained, and I spotted some very ominous clouds mid afternoon. But today I felt happy. Not so remarkable, perhaps, but for me, right now, having spent the weekend pondering the point of my own existence, happiness feels remarkable. Happiness feels like sunshine after a decade of rain.

Kath (Dreaming of a Craft Room) and I went to visit Gemma (Hello it’s Gemma) in her lovely new home. It was a wonderful few hours, cosy in Gemma’s lovely kitchen sat at her very cool white tiled dining table, sharing, laughing, and eating together. It felt so peaceful drinking tea, (made in a teapot and poured for me beautifully by Gemma, milk jug and everything) with two of my favourite women. Discussing our lives from a distance, a space from reality with chores, dramas and stress not our concern in those moments.

I think there’s something very valuable in spending time with other women at a similar stage of life. It’s affirming, reassuring, and it makes me feel good. We chew over child rearing, schools, the challenges finding a satisfying career whilst managing the demands of a family.

Gemma offers me advice on my latest fancy, beauty, and specifically lipstick. She recommends Sali Hughes, for her columns, website and book (which I rather fancy if anyone is bursting to send me a gift). She suggests a visit to MAC for research. I will look like a vintage film star, on my lips at least, very soon, and it will be thanks to Gemma.

We talk blogging, taking the opportunity to chat blog without the glazed expressions we usually get when attempting to talk to non bloggers about it. Our dreams, and aspirations for our blogs, it’s in the conversation and the dreams that ideas are born.

It was wonderful, so thanks to Gemma and Kath for bringing a little sunshine into my mind, I really did need it.