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Cook healthy in 2015

It is the New Year and many of us want to lose that bulge we gained over the festive period. Whilst many restaurants and homes such as McCarthy and Stone offer great meal options and cooking facilities, it is always helpful to know how to cook the healthiest you can. Choosing healthy foods is just as important as the way you choose to cook your food. The first step to healthier cooking is to take the recipes as suggestions rather than orders.

Here are some tips on how to cook your food the healthy way in order to beat that bulge!

Sauté skinny

Rather than using butter or oil in your pan you can use some low sodium vegetable broth in your stir fry or sauce. This method works well to add flavour and moisture whilst leaving out the added calories.

No skin

By removing skin from meats such as chicken you are saving yourself a minimum of 50 calories – 50 calories is a lot. Whilst the skin is really tasty is contains a large amount of unsaturated fat; fat you do not need. Whilst you can cook the chicken in the skin to maintain flavour, just be sure to remove it before you eat it.


If you want added flavour on your steamed vegetables, add some citrus from a squeezed lemon. This adds no calories and will stop your food from tasting bland.

Go Greek

Use Greek yoghurt wherever you can! It is a healthy replacement for sour cream and you can use it in pretty much any dish you like. It also tastes nice as a little snack – you can’t go wrong.

Puree your vegetables

Often when we are dieting we eat a large amount of soups – but without the cream they can be a little watery and bland. The best way to add some thickness and texture to a somewhat plain soup is to puree some vegetables and add it to the dish. This will improve the vitamins in the soup and the taste for you.

As you can see there are endless ways you can boost nutrition and increase your health by the way you cook and the things you choose to eat. With a vast amount of healthy cook books out there, you have a great choice of recipes and styles of cooking. Long gone are the days when eating healthy meant sticking to carrot sticks and celery; enjoy getting healthy this year.