I’ve always avoided diary style blogging, considering it possibly a little boring to all but close family. This week I had a conversation with someone which suggested that perhaps I’m wrong. That a lot of the most successful blogs feature the blogger, and their lifestyle regularly. I won’t lie, I would like to grow my audience a little more, perhaps find a way to make a little extra income from my blog. So I decided to carry my camera with me everywhere to make it easier to show you what we get up to, see, and enjoy in our Purple life. Here goes.

Yesterday, being Saturday, I decided we should all head to the cinema to see Big Hero 6. The children all wanted to see it, and I love seeing a film when it first arrives at the cinema, it’s somehow more exciting watching something in a packed cinema. The fun of the group reaction to the film.

After the film we went to Yo Sushi for dinner, Yo Sushi is a family favourite and the children are becoming more adventurous with the menu as they get a little older. Personally I absolutely adore a salmon and avocado hand roll with sweet chilli mayo. What’s your favourite?




Today, Sunday, we had planned a family bike ride but as the children and I arrived home from church there were some snowflakes in the air. It was very cold, and after a busy day yesterday we decided to have a slower day. Mr Purple pottered in the garden, rearranging the location of the playhouse and some more sheds. It’s going to be wonderful drinking Pimms in the summer on the decked area he created today. There’s a thought to get me through the winter. When the areas all sorted and looking lovely I’ll give you a peek.

I took an hour to myself for a walk, I’m currently aiming for 10,000 steps each day (the target on my new Fitbit, more on that in another post). I didn’t manage the full 10,000 but am going to consider myself satisfied with the 8,500 I managed.It is after all around 4000 more than I would have managed without the added motivation of my Fitbit stats.

Finally my favourite way to end Sunday, soften the blow, we all cuddled up on the sofa with a particularly entertaining episode of Top Gear. How was your weekend? Do let me know if you like this style of post and I’ll invite you into the Purple life a little more often.