DSC00267The last two months I have enjoyed Gemma’s monthly intentions posts. I’ve been inspired to think a little differently. I tend to think big goal or no goal, and perhaps monthly aspirations could be a more gentle, nurturing way to move forward. So I’m jumping aboard and using the inspiration to aspire.

Books. Make more intellectually stimulating reading choices. I hold my hands up and admit that I often choose pretty trashy fiction. Rather easy to read, trashy pulp fiction than challenging my mind. Probably because my mind often feels scattered, and tired, so the idea of picking something up that may require more thinking and processing isn’t appealing. I would like to believe that I am capable of more, that I’m not ‘too stupid’ for anything more challenging than chick lit. So this months book is Russell Brand’s Revolution. I’m interested in Russell’s ideas for societal change. Not sure I’m entirely sold on his scruffy haired, one of the people brand of politics but something appeals and I want to find out more.

Make over. All the make up I own is pictured above. A bad mascara, two eyeshadows, black eyeliner and a tinted moisturiser. I intend to go to Bobbi Brown at the local mall for a make up lesson, and increase my skills and products so that I can have more fun with make up. Particularly lipstick, there’s something that appeals about luscious red, film star lips that I always considered ‘not my thing’. I aspire to redefine ‘my thing’.

Blog design. I’ve spent a lot of frustrating hours over the years on my blogs design. Frankly I’m just not the techie type and so I am planning on paying a professional so that I can have the blog look that I want, rather than a compromise based on my abilities. Watch this space.

Baking. It would be lovely to always have some home made baked goods in a beautiful tin in my kitchen, for visitors, packed lunches and treating myself. So I plan to bake to replace, whenever we run out I will bake something to replenish the tin.

A time for tea. I want to get into tea, not just the drink itself but the ritual, the space it can create. I want to consider my needs important enough to make myself a cup of tea in a pretty cup, and take the time to myself to enjoy it. Time drinking tea and gossiping with friends, tea and a good book, tea whilst painting my nails. I want to make time for tea.