I love pictures of Mr Purple with the children, they’re so used to having their pictures taken (blogger kids) that they’re still present in the moment and I can capture them this way. Look at the love in their gazes. These two have so much fun together.


She has the tiniest, cutest violin. Perfect proportioned to her. She loves playing it but her slapdash attitude to violin care is a tad stressful for me. She just doesn’t get that violins don’t react well to being dropped/picked up by their strings/overly vigorous bow on string action. Still it’s good for her to get comfortable with the instrument ahead of potentially doing lessons when she’s a little older.


Doing well with my February aspiration of keeping my cake tin well stocked. I baked an orange and lemon drizzle loaf cake using Mary Berry’s recipe. It was yummy, I may have had two slices.



Food, lots and lots of yummy food. Thanks to Bella Italia for inviting us to visit, I’ll be posting my thoughts about their new kids menu later in the week. I must quickly say though that having had a few fairly average visits to Bella Italia I was delighted with the improvements, we had a delicious meal and will be adding them to our family friendly favourites for future weekend treats.


What a lucky lot we are. We have so much fun whether we’re vegging out at home in our P.J’s or out and about enjoying our beautiful city. This weekend I took my youngest two to see Bristol based ¬†Aardman’s new Shaun the Sheep Movie. It was, as expected, super fun, silly and delightful to watch.

It was a gert lush weekend and I’m starting my week feeling happy and rejuvenated. Hope you had a lovely weekend too.