My children drink squash, fruit juice, milk and water. I’m aware that squash and fruit juice are not the best choices because of the sugar content but they prefer the flavour so I compromise sometimes. At mealtimes though it’s water or milk, not popular but accepted after years of this habit. Plus this way they’re accustomed to drinking water and will probably continue this habit into adulthood.

If you’re struggling to encourage your children to drink water you could try fizzing things up a bit. Using a SodaStream to make fizzy water makes the process a bit more fun, which means your children might be more willing to give water a try.

SodaStream sent me a SodaStream play to see what the Purple children thought of adding some fizz to their usual mealtime drink. The children love the SodaStream, it’s a fun process pumping the bubbles into the bottle and the silly noises it makes is always a giggle. Sadly though they weren’t too keen on sparkling water so decided to stick with their usual straight from the tap variety. The SodaStream is still a great addition to our families appliance collection though. I enjoy the sparkling water, and it’s brilliant for making tonic water to add to my weekend G & T.

SodaStream Play costs £69.99 and a gas bottle exchange (swap your empty for a full one) costs £9.99.

*Disclosure: I was sent a Sodastream in exchange for taking part in the Sodastream water made exciting challenge.