This weekend I completely failed to take any photos apart from this one. On Saturday I took the children to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and Mr Purple stayed at home to do DIY (apparently that’s what they call brandy drinking and extended duvet time these days). He does earn plenty of points though for sending roses to my aunts house for when I arrived, and putting up some new kitchen cupboards. I completely failed at Valentines day by forgetting it altogether (bad wife). So perhaps the brandy drinking was fair enough.

The weekend was spent hanging out at my Aunt and Uncles house, and visiting my Granny who’se in hospital at the moment (get well soon Gran). We went swimming, and we visited Toys in Hell (or Toys R Us, whatever it’s called) for a little half term treat for them, clearly not for me. Mainly I didn’t want to experience the visit from behind my camera, so I didn’t.

So instead I got some lovely shots from a day out today with my oldest Mum friend (dating back to anti natal classes with my eldest) and all our children. We visited a lovely woodland playground which we last visited in the Easter holidays last year, I wrote about that visit here. 


Yes Robo Boy has a black eye, yes his sister punched him, no I didn’t win at parenting that day.



Afterwards we rather undid the virtue of romping in the woods by eating lunch at a very large buffet restaurant. Super Kid wins at eating managing to tuck away two large plates of noodles and prawns, three slices of pizza, two pieces of garlic bread, prawn crackers, and at least two plates full of deserts.

When we finished at the restaurant we were lucky enough to see Fujiko Nakaya’s art installation Fog Bridge.  It was rather wet, and the children rather vanished in the fog in front of us. It was wonderful though, bringing a childish smile to the faces around me as well as my own.