Lazy, pyjama clad days, slowly working through lego sets and craft projects. Bouncing on the trampoline, sifting through the sandy water in the sand table (filled by rain) with cold fingers. Milkshakes made in my precious blender, movies watched snuggled under blankets, friends popping by, good home cooked food. This was the stuff of the end of our half term. Things have been difficult for me, some tough realisations about things that have been out of my control. Tears not far from threatening to spill at any moment. So gentle was the order of the day for us. I still managed to feel the joy of my family around me and to appreciate the blessing of being here, in my life.


The weekend is calmer than normal, no swimming, no football, and we enjoy the slower mornings and extra family time on Saturday.


Sunday we have a babysitter for the afternoon. Our first date in months, and it’s lovely. Yo Sushi and a movie. We see ’50 Shades of Grey’, which I almost didn’t admit too because I know it was a dreadful choice. In my defense it was the only thing on at the right time. The combination of groups of women of all ages and demographics enjoying a little thrill watching soft porn en mass in a cinema made it a funny few hours. I have to admit though, I did rather enjoy it.

Oh and in case you’re wondering what Wonder Girl thinks of Frozen…