Fitbit Flex is a wristband which tracks steps, distance and calories burned. At night it tracks your sleep. It’s a really useful way to be aware of your exercise levels and sleep patterns and can be a great motivator for good health.

I wanted to try Fitbit Flex to see if it could help me manage my energy levels. I have CFS so I need to pace myself or I will end up laid on the sofa unable to move. I’ve been trying to achieve the right balance for nearly two years now and, although sometimes I get it right and feel well, I still suffer the consequences of overdoing it on a regular basis. I wondered whether tracking steps and sleep would help me to get the balance right.

Fitbit Flex is really easy to use. Out of the box you charge the tracker, which takes 30 mins max, slip it into the plastic wristband, pop it on and go on with your day. I’ve found it needs charging around every five days.

You can access all the tracked information via your Fitbit dashboard online. The dashboard is really well designed, giving you the option to customise it and show only the information you’re interested in. You can have the basics, sleep, steps, distance, and calories burned. You can also track how much water you’re drinking, set a weight goal and an eating plan, track calories in and log any addition exercise (which will then be added to your calories burned).

I’ve also downloaded the Fitbit app for my iPhone, it gives me all the same information and it’s useful to be able to check throughout the day. You can also tap the Flex to see how much progress you’ve made so far, it shows a row of lights and when you reach five lights you’ve reached your goal for the day. The Flex is set with an automatic goal of 10,000 steps per day, a good amount if you have no health issues and easily achievable by adding a little extra walking to your day. You can personalise the goal on your dashboard.

I’m very pleased with my Fitbit Flex. I can keep a track of my steps, and make sure I’m not overdoing it. It also helps me commit to getting my eight hours a night, and I can see when I’ve had a disturbed night and adjust my day to cope with that. I would recommend  Fitbit Flex for people who need to pace themselves, as well as people who need a little extra motivation to achieve their health goals.

Fitbit Flex costs £79.99, and comes in a range of colours, visit Fitbit’s website for more information.

*I was sent the Fitbit flex for the purposes of this review.