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This is me with my lovely brood. I have three beautiful, healthy children and I am thankful for them every single day. This year will be my ninth Mother’s Day and I’ve been wonderfully spoiled each and every year. For me though it’s the little traditions that make Mother’s Day really special.

Breakfast in bed. The last couple of years the children have been old enough to bring me breakfast in bed. Nothing extravagant, just cereals and toast but their happy faces when they bring it up to me makes it a lovely start to the day. Last year they even added a flower, in a little vase, to my tray.

Home made cards. The card shops are full of Mother’s Day cards but for me it’s the ones the children make for me that are the best. Last year all three children had made cards for me and they were brilliant. Robo Boy had drawn all my favourite things (including my laptop), Wonder Girl had made flowers for the front of hers and Super Kid had covered the inside with kisses. Those cards meant more to me than anything money could buy.

Me time. On Mother’s Day I give myself permission to spend time with my family without worrying about the usual chores. We often eat out so I don’t have to worry about cooking, and we spend the day doing whatever I fancy. Whether that’s a walk in some of the beautiful countryside surrounding Bristol or all snuggling up for a movie afternoon. The main thing is we’re together, and relaxed.

Cuddles. My children are very cuddly, in my house we have morning cuddles to start the day, goodbye cuddles at school drop off, cuddles watching TV, and of course night time cuddles (often involving squeezing into their tiny beds for ten minutes before I leave them). So they really have to go some to get in those extra Mother’s Day cuddles.

It’s the little things that make being a Mum and Mother’s Day extra special for me. As we approach Mother’s Day Newcastle Building Society have some Mother’s Day tools for you here. There’s a calculator to see how much Mum really does for you, some useful tips for Mum’s for time management, and an interesting article about Mother’s Day traditions around the world. Check them out, and have a very happy Mother’s Day.