A few years ago I wrote this post about my thoughts for my blogging future and considerations about a name change. When I started this blog in August 2011 as a Mum to a newborn I was typically in that cloud of early motherhood that I couldn’t imagine coming out of. Naturally things change, and with that the content of my blog has changed. My children are now 3,6 and 8 and writing funny stories about them feels less appropriate, two of them could read it and somehow it feels much more personal. So this space has become a family/lifestyle/opinions blog.

I know I should have more direction, be more niche. I really would love it if I could forge more of a career out of my blog, with Wonder Girl starting school in September I will soon have more time to dedicate to it. But I’m not a niche thinker, I get carried with the things that drift into my life and interest me. Photography for a while, fashion for a time, a little baking, a little political passion. So Purple Ella is born. My space, where I can blog about whatever my mood dictates. Because I find that my writing works better if I let my fingers choose the topic, so to speak.

There will be stuff about the Purple family, because my family is the most important thing in my life. I love telling you about our adventures. I’ll write recipes from time to time, because the intention to experiment in the kitchen is always there, if not the time. I’ll certainly fill you in on any of my more humiliating moments, because, well, that’s just fun and we all need to laugh. Finally I’m sure I’ll be writing more ‘secrets to a more uptight life’ organisation tip posts. Apparently a fair few of you like my organisation ideas and that helps me feel normal, thanks.

So this is me, Purple Ella. Living life to the full and taking you along for the ride, if you fancy.