We love Micro Scooter, and not just because we’ve been lucky enough to work with them several times over the last few years. We love them because they’re great quality, good looking, and fun. I’ve written about Micro Scooter before here and here and now we each have our own Micro Scooter. So today we decided to go for a family scoot on Stoke Park Estate which is a stones throw from our house, to get some exercise and give Super Kid a chance to fully test his new Micro Sprite Scooter. 

He already uses it on the school run, or any trips we take on foot, but Stoke Park Estate has a really long, fairly straight, path giving him the chance to really get going. He even had a little go at wall scooting (seriously though, don’t try this at home).


The Micro Sprite is a great scooter for those getting too big for the Mini Micro, and wanting to have a go at two wheeled scooting. Suitable for children from aged five to twelve, it comes in lots of different colour combinations, and is a really smart looking scooter. The Micro Sprite folds in half, making carrying much easier, and it even has a kickstand which is really handy. Super Kid has found scooting on it easy and comfortable. It’s light, even Super Kid (whose a small eight) can carry it himself when it’s not safe, or practical to scoot. . The Micro Sprite retails at £79.95.

A common query for parents moving on from the Mini Micro is whether to go for the Maxi (larger three wheeled version of the Mini) or the Sprite. Both are suitable from five to twelve years, and deciding which one to go for can be a bit of a quandary. Personally I have children using both, Robo Boy and Wonder Girl both have Maxis and Super Kid now has a Sprite. I’d say it very much depends on the child, Super Kid has always been a super confident scooter, performing jumps on his Mini when he was four, so for him the challenge of two wheels is idea. Robo Boy on the other hand is less confident, so for him the extra security of three wheels works better.

I really enjoyed our family scoot today, it’s so much less hassle than getting the bikes out so perfect for a lazy Sunday. Here’s a picture of the children and I with our scooters. DSC00378

*Disclosure: Super Kid received a Micro Sprite for the purposes of this blog.