I think this is the biggest red tailed bumble bee I’ve ever seen. Yesterday I took the Purple kids to the launch of Bristol Zoo Gardens animatronic Big Bugs. I wasn’t sure what to make of the idea of animatronic big bugs but in reality they’re absolutely fantastic. I think that the concept is a brilliant way of helping adults and children relate to the bugs that we find in our own back gardens. I’m keen for our children to care about bugs, and want to look after them, and I honestly believe seeing, and reading about the Big Bugs has made them much more interested in all things creepy crawly.


The bugs are staying at the zoo for six months, from Easter. There will also be daily Big Bug shows. Plus children can meet the bug rangers who will teach them how to look after the bugs in their own gardens and become bug rangers at home. I must also give a mention to Marshfield ice-cream who have created special buggy flavours that you will only be able to enjoy at Bristol zoo. I tried some vanilla and butterfly and it was delicious. Add in a visit to the bug house, to see the real deal and you really can really go a bit bug crazy at the zoo this year.


For more information about the Big Bugs, and other Bristol Zoo Gardens visitor information visit their website. I would definitely recommend a visit to see the Big Bugs this year. I’ll leave you with a short video of the animatronic devil’s flower mantis.