April is here, spring has sprung, and all around me nature is bursting into life.Feeling the sun on my skin is bringing me out of my winter hibernation.

In my March Aspirations my main aim for the month was working with a designer on my new look, new name blog. Purple Ella. I’m really pleased with how the process went, considering the difficulties I had concentrating through my grief at that time. I’m really pleased with the results. Thanks to Geek Fairy’s magic, I’ve got a new enthusiasm for my blog. I’m stepping out from behind the Mum and taking ownership of my thoughts, as me. So April will bring new plans for my blog. I’ve already started using an editorial schedule, around a month in advance, in order to bring more consistency to my content. The look feels more me so I feel more able to create imagery for my posts which fit so much better with this style.

We recently visited a pottery painting shop and I hand painted a teapot. Tea from a teapot is so much more satisfying, smooth and properly brewed, much better than a bag dunked in a mug. April will see me using my teapot daily.

Lately I’ve been a little lax about healthy eating. I’ve been eating too much sugar and processed foods. This month I want to nourish us, to feed good, home cooked food to the family, and prepare us for a healthy summer. I always enjoy cooking, sometimes energy levels are an issue but usually once I’m in the kitchen chopping and singing it’s all good. I need some happy songs to play on Spotify in the kitchen, suggestions welcome.

I’ve also struggled to maintain any kind of a routine recently. I’ve been pretty up and down so I’ve tended to just go where my mood takes me with my day. This month I’d like to return to a more regular rhythm to see if it helps to bring me peace.

So routine, blogging, tea and healthy eating are my April aspirations. What are yours?