how to make bunk bed curtains

Robo boy sleeps on the bottom bunk. Sharing a room isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have a space to retreat to for a snuggle with your cuddly toys. The bottom bunk hasn’t provided this space, it’s too easy for siblings and visiting friends to jump around on his bed, and use it as a sofa. Robo boy sometimes hangs blankets to create this space for himself, and one day he asked whether I could make him some curtains for the job.

We went together to choose fabric and I love the giraffe print cotton he chose. Here’s how I made them.

How to make bunk bed curtains;

how to make bunk bed curtains

I measured along the bed, and the end of the bed in order to make curtains for each section, I also measured the depth – from where the curtain will hang to just below the bottom of his bed. For the length I add an extra four inches for seams and the bit where you will thread the curtain wire. For the width I double the measurement and a couple of extra inches, this is to allow for gather. This is how much material you need to buy. You will also need curtain wire and four hooks to fix the two lengths of wire to the bed posts.

Cut the fabric to the right length for two curtains, one the length of the bunk, the other for the foot of the bed.

Sew a seam on either end, and then along the bottom of each curtain. I used my machine’s straight stitch, with medium tension.

Make a tube 2 inches deep along the top edge. Through which you will thread curtain wire to hang the curtains.

Attach the wire to the bed using the hooks. Hang the curtains.

Robo Boy is really pleased with his curtains. An ordinary bottom bunk is now a private space, a den, a tent, a spaceship, with his imagination who knows what it will be next. As an added bonus for us he’s also slept in later since the curtains also act as a blackout blind in the mornings.