Laura Ashley spring summer 2015

When I was a little girl one of my ambitions in life was to own a Laura Ashley party dress. Regularly eyeing them up in the shops I thought they were absolutely perfect. sadly I never did get one of those dresses but this weekend I got to revisit my Laura Ashley dreams with a craft day, using Laura Ashley fabrics and wallpapers. We were assisted by a lovely lady from The Crafty Hen who run craft workshops in the Bristol area.

Firstly we covered a notebook, turning a very ordinary basic cardboard covered notebook into a gift worthy, pretty book to scribble down secrets. Laura Ashley had laid out some of their favourite fabrics and wallpapers from the Laura Ashley spring summer 2015 collection for us to choose from. In case you’re wondering, this is what 20 or so bloggers, all eager to pick, looked like. Needless to say it was a very exciting moment.

Laura Ashley spring summer 2015

I chose summer palace, a new design this year, for the outside of my book, and orchid apple to brighten up the inside. I love summer palace, it has an oriental feel and would make a great feature wall in a lounge or bedroom. Alternatively scatter cushions in this fabric would be absolutely beautiful.

When the notebooks where finished we had a quick lunch break before embarking on some accessory creation, using suffolk puffs. This is where I discovered that I do not have the suffolk puff making gene, all around me the other bloggers seemed to having no trouble. I on the other hand was busy making, what can only be described as lumpy wads of fabric with buttons sewn atop. It was a real waste of the glorious eaton stripe fabric I was using. This pattern comes in loads of different colour combinations, I would love a set of deck chairs made with this fabric.

Laura Ashley spring summer 2015

eaton stripe

Regardless of my suffolk puff disaster, and subsequent over enthusiasm with a glue gun to try and fix it, I did manage to make a headband which my daughter is very pleased with.

laura ashley spring summer collection 2015

I had a wonderful day, big thanks to Laura Ashley and The Crafty Hen for organising such a lovely time for us. If you would like to hear more about the day Laura Ashley have blogged as well. Pop over to their blog for a peek.