ideas for the weekend

It’s the weekend baby! I love weekends, Mr Purple doesn’t have to work, the children don’t have to go to school/preschool. It’s a two day family fest every single week and I like to make the most of it. Saturday’s we are taxi drivers, ballet, football, swimming lessons. Sunday, ah Sunday, the day of rest and fun in whatever quantities we need. How about you? Got any plans? In case you’re looking for inspiration here’s some ideas for the weekend.

Get under as big a sky as you can manage. If like me you live in a city, chances are you’re looking at a pretty cluttered skyline. After a while this can become a bit oppressive. Take the opportunity at the weekend to find some bigger sky. Head to the beach, or a big open expanse of countryside and breath. I’m absolutely positive that taking this small step regularly will be sure to lead to better physical and mental health.

Slow shop. Head to your local independent shops, hit your local deli or bakers. Carefully pick out what you fancy, take you time, stop for a coffee. Pick out just what you fancy and then head home to cook.

Bake up a storm, or cook up a feast. The weekend allows for slower cooking, more indulgence. I love spending time in my pretty little kitchen trying something new or baking a treat. Then after the cooking comes the lingering, long lunches, lazy breakfasts around the table, all together without the rushed feeling of the week.

Go on a bike ride. We’ve recently all got bikes, and plan some family time together cycling down the canal side cycle path between Bristol and Bath. It’s really good fun for everyone, and as a plus you’re getting some exercise. Add in a picnic or pub lunch stop and you have my idea of a pretty dreamy day.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Whatever I end up doing I’m going to try to stay present. Stay in the moment and enjoy the small things.