Stargazer Lottie

“It’s a cold Winter night and Lottie has found the perfect spot for stargazing. Wrapped up warm in her jacket, hat, scarf and boots, Lottie feels as though she can see all of space through the lens of her telescope. The sky is full of thousands of twinkly stars and Lottie is excited to explore the beautiful night sky and learn about the star constellations and planets. If she is lucky she just might see a shooting star!”

This is Stargazer Lottie. She’s a great role model for young girls, aiming to get children into astronomy which along with other sciences is often viewed as a predominantly male activity. I love her, she comes with everything an astronomer needs, including a telescope and tripod, solar system collection cards and a pull out factsheet on women in astronomy.

Arklu (the company behind Lottie) have some great resources for inspiring children on their website. A super science page for scientific inspiration and some biographies of inspiration women for children to read.

stargazer Lottie

All the Lottie dolls arrive in these pretty boxes, and Wonder Girl was very excited and eager to get her out to play. Wonder Girl plays with Stargazer Lottie alongside her other Lottie dolls (Muddy Puddles, Lighthouse Keeper and School Days Lottie). I love watching her play, changing the outfits and making them talk. I’m happy and confident that I’ve given her an ideal doll for a little girl, with a healthy body shape and a range of non gender specific inspiring occupations.

Stargazer Lottie retails at £19.99, for more information visit her website. 

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