June Aspirations

June Aspirations

I’m always a little slow in acknowledging that a new month has started. Hence my aspirations posts generally coming a little late. It’s June, the halfway marker in the year, and things are looking up. After an extremely stressful, one thing after another, 18 months. It’s lovely to not feel in constant crisis and the Purple family have been enjoying the sunshine after the rain.

I’ve had some lovely times with my family and friends, just relaxed, unforced, fun. Perfect. After my visit to see Mathew Bourne I was inspired to reconnect with my passion for dance. I’ve started attending an adult ballet class, which is bliss at a barre. So all positive stuff and I have much clearer aspirations for the rest of the year.

I’m choosing happiness, consciously. Being me, and doing the things which work best for my family and for me.  My usual mindless route of guilt and taking on too much, followed by illness and more guilt simply isn’t working. Actually I have needs, preferences and a limited amount of energy. For whatever reason I don’t find navigating life, social skills, and ups and downs as easy as other people seem too. That’s not wrong or bad, it just is. So my aspiration for June is to stay true to myself, and make wiser choices.

This month I’d also like to be present more with my children and Mr Purple. I’m so often half involved in a job, or to be honest my smart phone, when I connect with them. I want to find more times to put these things to one side and spend time connecting with my children and Mr Purple. I want our family to be close and connected, and I’m happier when I make the effort.

Finally the blog. I’ve been thinking a lot about the blog recently. Nearly four years, and a lot of effort in and I’m not really any closer to turning it into an income. Which was always a hope of mine. So I examined what doing so would involve by checking out lots of earning blogger’s blogs and reading between the lines. I’d need to post to a schedule, be much more present (and sociable) on social media, promote myself better and find a niche. It’s stressful and unpredictable, and you need to be flexible. That’s not me. The reality is I don’t have the energy, physically or mentally, to do what it takes to reach that level and have energy left over for my family. Lots of bloggers do so successfully, but it wouldn’t work for me. Having talked this over with Mr Purple I’ve reached my peace with that knowledge. So in June I will keep doing what I do, at the pace I do it at and I’m just fine with that.

Hope June is a fabulous, sun filled, BBQ eating, month for all my readers.