Selfie Sticks

‘Selfie: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.’

I feel vaguely uncomfortable about selfies. Sure I’ve taken and shared a few but the phenomenon feels connected to the wider social issue, the self involvement of the modern social world which makes me feel a bit icky. I feel as though we’ve become so turned inwards that we are missing the bigger picture. Occupying our brains with the latest viral video, beauty haul, or perfecting the Instagram pic means there must be less energy left for looking outwards beyond the superficial. Don’t misunderstand I’m not saying these things are bad, or that I don’t participate (I do, every day) but underneath it I’m feeling a little bit like perhaps putting our heads into the virtual world takes us away from looking at the sky and recognising our place in it all. Make sense?

So when it comes to the big real life moments I’m making a point of putting the smartphone away. Laughing with my children without being concerned that I’m missing an Instagram moment. Sharing a joke with Mr Purple without needing the share it with the world. This weekend holds one such day, Β Sunday is Father’s Day and I definitely want Mr Purple to feel the love from our family all day long because he is an amazing Dad.

Father’s Day gifts should be personal, thought about, and given with love. Which also means they can be hard to buy. If you’reΒ looking for unusual gifts for Father’s DayΒ internet shopping is a good way of shopping without having to take children to crowded shops and suffering the inevitable stress that this causes. Qwerkity is a great place to check for unique gifts for all occasions.

Selfie sticks, the most recent addition to the trend, worry me less. Thats mostly because whenever I see one they make me giggle. That said having tried to take a selfie with my children I have discovered that it’s particularly tricky unless one has especially long arms. So when I was offered a selfie stick to give away I decided to go with it, partly because it gave me an opportunity to voice these thoughts that have been buzzing around my head and bothering me. So having shared my thoughts I’m basically hoping to keep my selfie loving friends and readers by giving them a chance to perfect their selfies with a fantastic selfie stick with a bluetooth remote.

Win a selfie stick;Β 

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‘What do you think of selfies? Do you like taking them and if so why?


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