July aspirations are here, the longest day has been and we’ve past the midway point in the year. At the risk of sounding cliche, how can that be? How do the days, weeks, and months speed by so fast? Grabbing hold of the moments has become an obsession of mine.

With that in mind I’m looking forward to a summer of memory making with my brood. Term ends in two weeks. In usual Ella style I’ve gone about summer planning in military fashion. With a planner printed from Netmum’s I’ve added our holidays, Camp Bestival and a camping trip to France. I’ve also added some meet ups with friends, and other activities for the children and I. The calendar’s filling up nicely and I want to be sure to leave plenty of gaps for relaxing at home, building lego, playing in the garden and enjoying the freedom that the summer brings.

Another challenge for July is kicking the habit. I’m not massively public about smoking. My story is that I smoked in my late teens/early twenties, and gave up when Mr Purple and I started planning a family. Then stressful events in the last year led to me starting again, around a year ago. I know. I’m an idiot, it’s a dirty dirty habit and believe me I’m not proud! Anyway I’m on day three of quitting and I’m currently no fun at all. I’m sure it will soon get easier though, and I’ll be glad to have finished with the stupid habit once and for all.

I’m not making it easy for myself at the moment. Insisting on moving forward, doing better, hoping for a calmer head. So July will also be a continuation of this long term project. I had some news/extra information about myself last month, that I will be sharing with you all when I’ve found the right words to explain. This leads to more understanding of myself, and what I need to do to cope with life. All good, but I do sometimes wish the path I tread was more fluffy, and easy. Still I suppose everyone thinks that.

So this is July, have a good one.