tips for planning the school summer holidays

Summer is here! Wonder Girl had her last, ever morning at preschool yesterday and the boys break up for the summer tomorrow. I can’t wait. No more school runs means slower starts to the day. The regular routine breaks for a while and we get to choose what to do and when.

For some that means throwing structure out of the window, but for us structure is a must so a couple of weeks ago I did some serious summer planning. If this isn’t for you then by all means abandon reading this post in favour of some other laid back, go with the flow activity. However if six unstructured weeks with small, unpredictable people makes you a little anxious then stick with me.

Tips for planning the school summer holidays;

Plan, structure and organise. I downloaded this summer planner from Netmums. With the end of term looming large you’re bound to have stuff booked in already, holidays, days out. Put these on the planner first. Then assess the gaps and plan away.

It can be fun to talk to the children about what they want to do with their holidays. Make a list and add some of their ideas to the planner.

Join forces with other Mums. Get together with old Mum friends, or new (ask your children’s friend’s mothers what they are up to). Meet in the park, or swap houses on rainy days. The children have playmates, and won’t be pestering you and you get to talk to an adult that day.

Unless you’re incredibly loaded the summer can cause budget issues. So plan low spend days around the more expensive big trips. Look around locally to find low cost, or even free, activities. Take snacks and drinks out. If you’re in Bristol spend a few days Shaun hunting for free.

Include some chill out time. Don’t overdo it. Plan days at home for cuddling in front of films, messing around in the garden, building a lego dinosaur. Whatever takes your fancy. It’s good for everyone, and definitely prevents mid holiday burn out.

Go camping. We’re going on two camping trips this summer and I think they make the best family holidays. No pressure, slightly grubby, playing with sticks for hours, eating on the grass watching the sunset, joy.

Whatever you’re doing this summer, have fun. This space will likely be a bit quieter than normal (though I’m not abandoning you completely). I’ll be busy having chalk painting, necklace making, trampoline bouncing fun with my favourite three children.