How to be punctual

Is being punctual a thing of the past? When I’m running late I can text, whatsapp, or send a message via a social network to let people know. The result? It’s socially acceptable to be late? Personally, as my long time readers know, I hate being late and I hate waiting for late people.

There is an acceptable 10-15 minute acceptable lateness period, but don’t be late every time. For some people it’s usual to run 30 – 45 mins late. Obviously there are situations when it’s less convenient to turn up late, those are the times I’m talking about. Naturally if I’m relaxing at home and we’re meeting for a casual cuppa then it doesn’t really matter, you can just drop me a text. However you’re meeting someone at the cinema, a restaurant, or soft play centre then being on time is best.

I know, we all have packed lives, I run late sometimes. It happens, children, traffic and parking combine to ruin all our good plans. But I manage to be punctual most of the time with these time developed tips.

How to be punctual; 

1.Leave enough time. I know, it’s obvious, but we’re all guilty of packing too much in and optimistically judging travel time.  It’s difficult to consider all eventualities but you can plan for your usual time killers.

For me it’s children, leaving enough time for them to get ready at ‘no sense of urgency whatsoever’ speed. Then it’s making sure I have everything I need for the trip, snacks, coats, ballet shoes, a violin. So whatever your circumstances leave more than enough time to handle them.

2. Organise your coat area. We have loads of hooks on our walls, child height ones to enable the children to be independant. Then we have very organised,wall mounted shoe storage to make grabbing shoes quick. I leave my bag partly packed each day so I only have to add specific things. It makes grabbing and leaving much easier.

3. Use a good sat nav. I use Waze which calculates according to traffic and road works (which is recorded by other Waze users). It also lets you know when you’re approaching speed cameras, although I’m sure all of you are driving at the correct speed anyway. This minimises my travel time. I was not paid to recommend this, I just think it’s cool.

4. Visualise arriving and finding a parking space easily. Yes, yes, I know, crazy. But it works for me.

5. Don’t try and pack too much into your agenda. I have done optimistic diary planning. Fitting something into every available space. This will only lead to stress and lateness. Rushing around, never really getting anywhere if you know what I mean.