review - Flimsies by Vtech

Flipsies by Vtech are a new toy for four to seven year olds. Each play set contains a doll and accessories. Each doll has a job or hobby, and their play set reflects their passion.

We were sent Styla, she is a  fashion designer and comes with a sewing machine and changeable clothes and hair. She has a button on her chest and pressing it makes her talk. You can put the dolls onto the play sets, they have a hole on their feet, and the play sets have a short metal rod which fits the hole. When you do this it triggers a new load of phrases for the doll to say. This works on all the different sets so the dolls are interchangable. Adding to your child’s collection will increase the play potential.

review - Flipsies by Vtech

I gave WG, aged four, Styla to play with. She really likes her new doll, and played with her immediately. Styla has some really nice affirming phrases like “always be yourself you’re one of a kind” and “be creative in everything you do”.

WG enjoyed changing her clothes, and particularly enjoyed changing Styla’s hair, she comes with a brown wig and a blue wig. She sat and played with her for over half an hour, pretending to sew and chatting away to her new doll. So I would say this toy is a hit.

*edited to add- We have also now been sent Lexi and her easel so we could see how the flipsies work with each other. This adds a lot more play for WG. She can put Styla and Lexi on each others play sets and this adds even more phrases. It’s really fun, and WG thinks it’s a little bit magic!

review - flipsies by Vtech

Flipsies sets range from £9.99, for the set we received, up to £44.99 for bigger sets. For more information the Flipsies website is here.

*Disclosure – we were gifted this toy for the purposes of this review.