review - Flipsies by Vtech

This is Styla, she’s one of the new dolls from Vtech Flipsies. These play sets are all about encouraging children to follow their dreams. Each doll comes with a own play set connected to their passions. Styla is a fashion designer.

My children have already made some plans for their future. WG is planning to be a Mummy just like me. SK wants to be a scientist and RB plans to live at home for ever, so he doesn’t think he’ll need a job!

To celebrate the launch of the Flipsies range Vtech have spoken to ten children about what they want to be when they grow up. They also asked them how much they think they’ll earn, and what they think Mummy and Daddy do for a living. Their responses are priceless.

For more information about Vtech Flipsies, which start at £9.99 visit their website.

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for publishing this video.