organise your cleaning schedule

I like my house to be organised and relatively clean. Like many people I don’t particularly like cleaning, and I definitely don’t want to waste too much of my life cleaning when there are so many other fun ways to spend it. That’s why I use a cleaning schedule, making it easier and less time consuming.

How to organise your cleaning schedule; 

When it comes to cleaning a little and often is the way to go. Staying on top of it’s definitely less stressful.

First make a list of all the cleaning jobs which need doing daily. In my house it’s wiping down the kitchen worktops, hoovering downstairs (with three kids this is a daily job), etc. I add these tasks to my weekly planner, and daily to do lists and I get them done nearly every day.

Next make a list of the bigger cleaning jobs, I organise mine by room like this;

Living room:- dust window ledge and shelves. Vaccum. Clean sofa.

Bathroom:- steam clean bath, toilet, sink. Dust skirting boards, shelves. Vacuum.

I use this as a reference point, and when I make my daily to do list if I feel I have extra time I’ll add a job from this list. I find this works better than scheduling these bigger tasks, as my weeks vary and some weeks I just don’t have time or energy for cleaning.

Having the right tools for cleaning really helps. I regularly use my vacuum and steam cleaner. I also organise my cleaning products in a caddy so they’re easy to grab when I need them.

I was sent a Vax air cordless upright vacuum to try. My favourite thing about my new Vax is that as well as being an lightweight, cordless upright vacuum, it also has a built in hand held. The hand held vacuum clips on and off the front of the main unit. I love this feature as it’s so much easier to use for little jobs, without having to lug a whole vacuum around.

organise your cleaning

Both parts of the Vax are cordless, and the battery charges on a little base. It runs for up to 20 minutes between charges.

organise your cleaning

I’m really happy with my new vacuum and would definitely recommend it. I hope my tips help you to minimise the amount of time you spend cleaning, freeing you up to spend more time having fun!

*Disclosure: I was sent the Vax cordless upright vacuum in exchange for writing this post.